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Birthdate:May 1
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
If you already know me from lj feel free to skip this part, if not here we go. *taps head like pooh* How to describe myself? I'm a fangirl of many things *points to interest below*, a bit of nerd and I'm prone to bicthiness and snark. I a big fan of common sense, it's sadly rather uncommon. Oh I do write fic in a few fandoms mainly slash, because hot guys together, that's a good thing. Did I mention I'm a bit of a perv? I think think you get the idea.

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24, a. m. homes, adrien brody, al pacino, angel, angelina jolie, antm, art, asian film, bad movies, baking, batman, bette davis, bi boys, big band music, blues, books, bound, bret easton ellis, brick, buddhism, buffy, choice, classic films, comic books, cooking, criminal minds, dali, dave navarro, david decoteau, david lachapelle, dorothy parker, draco malfoy, ewan mcgregor, fangirling, fashion, faster pussycat kill! kill!, figure skating, film school, film theory, filmmaking, films, gary oldman, gay boys, good hip-hop, gregg araki, harry potter, hayden christensen, homoeroticsm, horror movies, humprey bogart, independent film, jake gyllenhall, james dean, japanese film, jazz, jennifer tilly, john malkovich, johnny depp, johnny weir, joseph gordon-levitt, justice howard, keanu reeves, keith haring, kevyn aucoin, l.a. banks, literature, los angeles, lost, lotr, lovehammers, lucius malfoy, madonna, mamie van doren, mapplethorpe, marcia cross, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, matrix, maya deren, mightymoosh, mommie dearest, music, mysterious skin, neil gaiman, nerds, nin, nip/tuck, oscar wilde, pamela anderson, peter greenaway, philosophy, photography, politics, poppy z brite, porn, project runway, quentin tatantino, rob dougan, robert deniro, rock, scorcese, severus snape, shakespeare, shoes, showgirls, sith_wench, skin, skunk anasie, slash, slasher flicks, slutty boys, smallville, soapmaking, star wars, subtext, supernatural, tatoos, tea, tennessee williams, the brady bunch, the brontes, trashy movies, trashy novels, travel, trip-hop, uma thurman, veronica mars, wim wenders, writing, yoga
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